SpAppz  (Sports Applications)

SpAppz is a extensive set of online tools and applications to simplify and improve sports club/league registrations, communications and management activities. We have great relationships with our many sports club partners. Sports clubs include (but not limited to), Soccer, Baseball, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Hockey, Ball Hockey and Basketball.

Since 2002, SpAppz has been developed with much input from the leagues and clubs we support. Our users include some of the largest clubs in BC. We consider each club a partner and provide unlimited free support and coaching to ensure a positive and successful implementation and on-going operations.

We are continually upgrading and adding new features based on our partner requests. It is our intent to provide all the latest sport management and communications innovations in one place and at no extra charge for the tools you want to use.

Why SpAppz?
  • Complete systems for the very small club to the very large league
  • Unlimited senior level support to help you get going
  • Made in Canada and focused on Canadian Sports
  • Reduce work. Simplify many league/club processes
  • Great Value
  • Customization options to fit your special requirements
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League Manager
Everything a league could want! 

Run your league like a pro! SpApps provides all the tools a league or district needs including registration, schedules, referee assignments, game report...
Club Manager
Use only what you need.

Clubs can use the same features as League Management but use only what is needed. Other features/systems can be added as needed.
Seasonal Registration
The heart of the system!

After player registration, teams can be created, players and coaches can be assigned to teams, then team pages, RSVP's, scheduling, standings, discipline, callu...
Event Registration
Event Registrations

Create simple registrations for camps, clinics, evaluations, socials and more! Events could have a fee or be free. Any event can include custom fields and fees too! ...
Tournament Registration
Create/host your own tournaments and invite others.

Setup as many tournament groups you need. Tournament groups can be based on gender, age group, level or custom groups.

For Admins, AGC's, Coaches, Managers, other team staff and players/parents. Via email, SpAppz messaging and team pages. Including RSVP and Reminders.
Integrated Web Site
SpAppz Content Management System

Optionally use our integrated Content Management System (CMS) website system and apps to manage your content. All fully supported!
Standings and Stats
Standings and stats views.

Show stats the way you want to see them. Define your own stats that become part of the game report.
Schedule Manager

Generate or upload game, playoff or practice schedules. If schedules are used, other system features can be incorporated too (scores, standings, goal scorers, discipline, team ...
Referee/Official Manager
Auto or manual official assignments!

Assign referees / umpires / officials by level, area, preference and availability. Officials accept or decline games and get reminder notifications.
Discipline and Fines

Assign player, staff or team discipline. Optionally, game suspensions and fines can also be associated with infractions and discipline. Game suspensions will affect the online...
ID Cards and Rosters
Dynamic ID Cards and Rosters

Printed or Online. Id card photos can be added as part of the registration or can be bulk uploaded (from photo day head shots).
Player/Coach Evals
Player and Coach Evaluations

create player evaluations from coaches, scouts or head coaches. Request Team staff evaluations from players/parents. Generate reports for both.
Form Creator
Unlimited Customized Forms

The form creator allows you to create any type of registration, survey or data collection form with preset sections and custom fields/fees. Create simple f...
Game Reporting
Enter scores, stats, fines and discipline.

Do you want to track scores, statistics or standings? Capture the game information you want and show on the team page. This can include game sc...
Fines - Team or Player
Fine Processing

Fines can be configured for many types of infractions and discipline. They can have a different fee defaults and for discipline, they can include a number of game suspens...

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SpAappz News and Updates

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Posted 5/24/2018 Ref # 3356

New Accounting Report

There is a new menu option called "Combined Transaction Exception List". This report show those registrations that have been cancelled/refunded but may not have not been adjusted.

On any cancelled/refunded registration, you must enter the adjustment (a negative amount) so the registration shows the total amount that has been retained (if any). If a full refund is given, then the payment balance after the adjustment should be $0.00.

Posted 3/21/2018 Ref # 3333

Are you using Team Pages yet?

This is the access point for teams (staff and players). Check/send messages and RSVP's, see schedule and access online id cards and rosters (game specific). Create your own events/RSVP's. See standings, team calendar, top goal scorers, team blog and team photos and more.

Posted 2/8/2016 Ref # 3303

EPIC Testimonial

EPIC has been partnered with Techsys since we began and we have been extremely impressed with the ability of Techsys to provide a solution for all our needs, large or small. Their personal customer service is immediate and thorough. 

They have allowed us to provide our members with a very professional product for a reasonable price. 

Posted 10/30/2015 Ref # 3298

Spread Sheet downloads now Mobile

The new method is CSV formatted. This way they can be downloaded to any device and now most spread sheet programs can open them.

Prior to this change, you could only open a spread sheet if you had excel on your computer.

Posted 7/23/2015 Ref # 3296

Contact Form History

The contact us form email requests from website visitors are bcc'd to the audit mailbox along with player group email and coach group email.

(this applies only if you use the SpAppz Contact Us form.)