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Sports League or Club Registration or Management

Sports Registration and League/Club/Team Management
Everything a League needs to manage and communicate online


SpAppz was created in 2002 initially as a volunteer effort for the West Vancouver Field Hockey Club. Much of the design came from my experience with other application that I had developed over the years with much input from WVFHC and subsequently other sports clubs who liked what they saw.

The clubs using and contributing to SpAppz grew organically based on 'word of mouth'. Eventually, SpAppz became a full time project for myself and my good friend from high school who also specialized in software development.
The main reason for our success has been based on the following;
  • Very satisfied customers.
  • Functionality (Spappz has most features that clubs want).
  • Ease of use (simple for end users and administrators)
  • Lowest cost per player
  • Full Service option
  • Quick Registration setup
  • Developer Level Support

A Fair Price & Great Support

We believe our fees are by far the lowest for the features and support you get!
In addition to our low setup fee ($250.00) and transaction fees (1%). We cap the maximum we charge at $2.50 per registration.
Even with our low cost of service, we still provide premium support and service. If you have a question, need help, or want to discuss customization, you talk directly with the developers. We also provide our cell phone numbers for emergency situations.

Technical Stuff

Our servers are parked in with very fast internet access and stable infrastructure. 
Application Environment
ASP, PHP, MS SQL, mysql, Java, jquery
Most systems have been developed by us making it easier to implement new systems and features.