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Sports League or Club Registration or Management

Sports Registration and League/Club/Team Management
Everything a League needs to manage and communicate online
CMS-Appz - Details

CMS-Appz Details

Use one of our templates or provide us with your website design (that we CMS enable).
Our CMS allows content to be entered by any number of content providers (volunteers) with no special software (just a browser) and no knowledge of html required (a little html knowledge does help for advanced formatting).
Navigation links are automatic when adding a new page and several sections can exist for a page and can be turned on/off manually or by automatically by date (on or off).
You can also assign volunteers to different website management functions where they only access what they need (news manager, photo gallery manager, document manager,event calendar manager, etc.). 
Web system hosting
  • Your domain/website hosting
  • Shared ssl
  • Email (10 mailboxes and unlimited redirects)
  • CMS (update your content without any knowledge of html)
  • Auto site web page for mobile devices.
  • WebAppz
  • Event Calendar
  • Photo Gallery
  • News and News Archive
  • Document Manager
  • Link Manager
  • FAQ Manager
  • Banner Ads
  • Contact Us form and directors list
  • Simple classifieds
Homepage and Website Widgets
  • Event calendar link
  • Calendar summary box
  • Camps/Academy summary box
  • Field status
  • News blog (slick display, box or content area)
  • Weather link
  • Face book link
  • Twitter link
  • Banner ads (top/side) for sponsors/partners (we track views and click throughs).
  • Banner logo parade.
  • Slide show (from gallery)
  • Randomized header images (from gallery)
  • Lost and found
  • Schedule link
  • Standings link