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Sports League or Club Registration or Management

Sports Registration and League/Club/Team Management
Everything a League needs to manage and communicate online



For Admins, AGC's, Coaches, Managers, other team staff and players/parents. Via email, SpAppz messaging and team pages. Including RSVP and Reminders.  
  • Team pages with coach, player and public views (mobile friendly).
  • In application messaging/email (with history messages)
  • Several applications within team pages.
  • RSVP schedules and team events.
  • Bulk player email (for admins and coords)
  • Bulk team staff email (for admins and coords)
  • Referee/umpire game reminders
  • Schedule change notifications.
  • Resend prior year confirmations.
  • Event/form history
  • Discipline/fine notifications.

Team Pages (Info/Communications Center)

Single place where team staff and players can go to get all team based info and updates. Note: boxes can be turned off if not used.

  • Mobile friendly (will adjust to your device/screen)
  • Current and prior year team page.
  • Team info box (name team colors, team/club logo)
  • Roster box (lists all staff and clubs
  • Schedule box (games, and practices)
  • Standings box
  • Discipline Box
  • Goal scorers (player stats) box
  • Coaches notices/special instructions box
  • Team photo box (links to team photo gallery)
  • Social application links
  • Team fines/discipline fines/team fees links (to pay or view history)
  • Team profile edit
  • Player profile edit
  • Team calendar and events
  • RSVP to games or team events (yes/no/maybe)
  • Printable game specific rosters
  • Online game specific id Cards (includes call-ups)
  • Call-up form and processing (based on rules)
  • Team messaging (in-app history and email)
  • Match report form by game filled out by team staff (optional) 
  • Game report view for every game.
  • Schedule explorer (for teams division/pool)
  • Emergency info and emergency contact info
  • Field map
  • Generate excel roster and schedules spread sheets.

We provide many on demand and automatic communication systems. Players and team staff can login and access all information about your team in one place.