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Sports Registration and League/Club/Team Management
Everything a League needs to manage and communicate online
Game Reporting

Game Reporting

Enter scores, stats, fines and discipline.

Do you want to track scores, statistics or standings? Capture the game information you want and show on the team page. This can include game scores, pool standings, player stats and player and team infractions/discipline.  
Game Reporting
  • Game scores
  • Configurable player stats (e.g. goal scorers)
  • Configurable game commitments by team (e.g. field lining, linesmen, etc.)
  • Configurable player, team staff or team discipline/infractions.
  • Discipline can include suspensions and fines.
  • Game reports can be done by the game official or a discipline/official coordinator.
  • Information from the game reports will show up in automatically generated standings and team pages.
  • Default fines and suspensions can be adjusted and/or waived by discipline coordinators.
  • Team staff can review and pay all infraction and discipline suspensions/fines online (if used).
  • Resulting suspensions results show up in online ID cards and Roster.
  • Suspensions automatically reset when served.