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Sports League or Club Registration or Management

Sports Registration and League/Club/Team Management
Everything a League needs to manage and communicate online
ID Cards and Rosters

ID Cards and Rosters

Dynamic ID Cards and Rosters

Printed or Online. Id card photos can be added as part of the registration or can be bulk uploaded (from photo day head shots).  
ID cards (printed or online) and Rosters
  • Online or printed id cards for League and clubs as needed
  • id photos uploaded as part of registration
  • Photos can be uploaded to profile too
  • Team staff can upload player photos
  • Bulk id photo upload option
  • Photo locking (cannot change)
  • Game specific  online ID Cards (show call-up and suspended players)
  • Rosters also show game specific call-up and suspended players (two sided)
  • Officials have access to game specific id cards and rosters where they are the official.
Use the default id card format or choose a custom id card format.