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Sports League or Club Registration or Management

Sports Registration and League/Club/Team Management
Everything a League needs to manage and communicate online
League Manager

League Manager

Everything a league could want! 

Run your league like a pro! SpApps provides all the tools a league or district needs including registration, schedules, referee assignments, game reports, discipline, id cards, fines/infractions, game reports, stats and standings.  
League Management
  • Several System Access Levels
  • Sub Club / Team Grouping
  • Team Registration
  • Player Registration
  • Scheduling
  • Stats and Standings
  • Online ID Cards
  • Discipline
  • Communications
  • Import from Clubs
  • Integrated Mobile Website.
  • Referee Manager/Assignment
  • Game Reporting
  • Player/Staff Suspensions
  • Team/Player/Staff Fines
  • Automatic Yellow Accumulation
  • Automatic Suspensions Processing
  • Automatic Discipline Notices
  • Call-up Processing Based on Rules
  • Extra Team Fee Processing
  • Team Page Info and Tools
  • More!

League Features Checklist


Soccer/Football League Features checklist

System Access

There are many access level options for administrators, team staff and players. For administrators you can assign people with different roles that have different access. This is great for those clubs that utilize volunteers for specific roles.
  • Administrators (full access)
  • Team staff (coaches, managers, club Rep. [up to six staff]).
  • Players (access to all their team pages current and prior year)
  • Treasurer
  • Executive
  • Coordinators (with optional restrictions for area/club, division or age group).
  • Scheduler
  • Official Coordinator
  • Head Coach
  • Discipline
  • Communications
  • Evaluations Admin
  • Criminal Record Check Admin
  • Events Admin (with optional restrictions to specific events)
  • Tournament Admin
  • Scouts (for evaluations)
  • Lost and Found Admin
  • Buy and Sell Admin
  • Documents Admin
  • Gallery Admin
  • News Admin
  • More...
  • + Custom roles
For our Team Pages, there are four security access views. Public view, Player view, Team Staff View and Administrator View.

Sub Club Team/Player Grouping

Sub Clubs can be setup and when a team registers, they choose their club from a dropdown. This is useful for communications and for the 'Call-up' processing where a player can be called up from another team withing that sub club. There can also be restrictions added to the call up process (number of call-ups per game and age restrictions). These can be configured to be different by division.

Team Registration

This is usually a league specific function. When a team registers, they either choose their team from last year (drop down box) or choose 'New' Team. If an existing team is chosen, they are put in the same division they were in last year or automatically a new promotion/relegation division.

If the 'New' team option is chosen, then their club and division is chosen via dropdown boxes.

There are also several schedule elements that are asked for it this form to help with generating the schedule. Additional 'Custom' fields and fees can also be added to this form as needed.

A payment may or may not be required using the payment options defined by the league. Payment options are cheque, credit card or etransfer.

The registrar must review and approve each team by adding a team key code (for player registration purposes).

Once the majority of the teams have registered and the teams reviewed and paid, the team key code added, then there are bulk processes to assign team staff logins/passwords and send out an email with access info and the team key code and instructions about sending the key code to all of the teams players.

Special teams could also be setup for those players wanting to play but not associated with any team if desired. 

Player Registration

League player registrations are slightly different in that the as part of the player registration, the user must also enter a team key code which will place the player on the team/division associated with the team key code. This reduces errors and confusion by simplifying the registration process.

The fees will be based on the division they are registering to. There can also be optional early bird and/or late fees and/or payment method discounts/surcharges and/our coupon discounts and/or 'Custom' fees.

The player registration can also incorporate custom fields (text boxes, text areas, check boxes, drop down boxes, radio buttons, If conditions, key codes and many more).

Payment methods (cheque, credit card, etransfers, etc.) can be defined by division.

The player registration process can also include 'head shot' photo uploads that are used for the id cards. This can be required or optional (photo to be added later via profile update).

Registration sections can be turned off or on (medical info, emergency contact info, extended contact info). Parent info will be automatically required if player is under the age of maturity. 


A schedule is required for some of the more advanced functionality. Once a schedule is created you can then implement referee/umpire/official assignments, game reports, standings, discipline and more.

  • Generate a schedule using team specific scheduling elements.
  • Import schedules
  • Manually add or adjust schedules
  • Unlimited pool groups
  • Pool groupings of 4,6,8,10 or 12 teams.
  • Game change notification to all associated with the specific game.
  • Automatic game reminders to game officials.
  • Team game RSVP's and reminder notifications
  • Multiple schedule types (regular, cup/playoff, practice and others).
  • Game Reports (customizable) for score, player stats and discipline entry.

ID Cards

ID cards for those clubs and leagues that require id cards come in two forms, print format (2 x 10 card stock) or online id cards.

  • ID card photos can be uploaded as part of registration (mandatory or optional).
  • If ID cards are registration optional, they can be uploaded later via player profile.
  • An ID card photo can be required before the player appears on the team roster.
  • Bulk ID card photo upload option is available (photo day head shots).

Online ID Cards

  • Game specific ID cards from team page can be shown to official via mobile device or pdf.
  • Game specific ID cards can be accessed by the assigned official.
  • Game specific ID cards include 'Suspended' id cards (not allowed to play that game).
  • Game specific ID cards include Call up players

Official Assignment

Officials (officials, referees and umpires), register for the league by filling out an application form that includes there contact info, and other questions about their ability and qualifications.

The Official Coordinator then reviews their information and accepts them as a league official. Additional preference and ability info including the official level is added at this time. 

There can be 1 or more levels that can be assigned to an official based on what level of games the official can work. A preference of A,B or C is assigned too. This is used by the automatic assignment process and A's are chosen first, then B's. A C preference is for manual assignment only.

This same level is also assigned to a division/age group so the automatic official assignor can match officials to appropriate games.

Logins/passwords are created and sent to the new officials. 

Officials can login and see / update their profile, their availability, their chosen areas (if areas are used) and they can see their assigned games (and previous games too) and complete the game reports.

Auto Assignment

Auto assignment takes several factors into consideration when matching an official to a game. This includes:

  • Level of the official (matched against division/age group)
  • Availability (days/times)
  • Game area (if used)
  • Unavailable dates/times (vacation times)
  • Preference
  • Window between games

Manual Assignment

for various reasons you may want to change the automatic assignment results or the automatic assignment failed for certain games (could not find a match).

For a failed auto assignment, you may need to assign someone out of there normal Official level manually. The manual method will still give you warnings about placing an official to an inappropriate game but you can still by-pass the warning. 

Three other officials can be assigned to a game as well.

Send Acknowledgement Request

Once Official(s) are assigned to a game, their status is 'Ready' (to send ack request).

A batch email is sent to all officials with the 'Ready' status. This email include details of the game and requires the official to accept or decline the game. 

The official schedule show the current statuses of all officials assigned to games.

For declined statuses, new officials need to be assigned and the send/acknowledgement process repeats.

Assignment/communication history for each game can also be viewed so you don't re-assign the same official that has already declined.

The declined history is also kept and available to the official coordinator. If there are too many declines, the official coordinator might change the officials preference.

Game Reporting

Game reports can be filled out by the referee/umpire/official for that game or the official coordinator or stats/discipline coordinators. The game report could be very simple and only include the score and optionally it could include player stats, team-game required functions and player/staff discipline.

A game report could include:
  • Game score.
  • Player stats (goal scorers).
  • Player Discipline (red card, yellow card, ejections, penalties).
  • Team staff Discipline (ejections, cautions).
  • Team-game obligations (field lined, corner flags, time keeper/linesman/official supplied).
  • User defined requirements.
There may be game suspensions and/or fines associated team-game obligations and discipline but this is not included as part of the game report. If there is discipline or fine based actions, the discipline committee gets an email notification and team staff get notifications of their discipline/fines. A game report confirmation copy goes to the referee as well.

Standings and Schedules

From the game report scores, a standings table is created along with the division/pool schedule.

Standings are separated for each division/pool group (division/age group/pool group for youth clubs).
Goal scorer summary is also generated based on pool (and if goal scorers are entered).

Different pools can be created for cup play.

Discipline and Fines

Discipline, team obligations (infractions) and fines can be setup to meet the leagues requirements. Some discipline/infractions may not have any fines or suspensions while others include default discipline duration and fines.

Any discipline/infraction or find must be reviewed and either approved, cancelled or waived. Discipline duration and fine amount can be adjusted at this time too. Notes can be added by the discipline committee as well.


  • Discipline can include both a suspension and/or a fine.
  • If there is a suspension, the player will be suspended from the their next game(s).
  • Suspensions are automatically deducted until all suspensions are fulfilled.
  • Special processing for yellow card accumulation to create a suspension.
  • Yellow card accumulations to a suspensions are configurable (e.g. after 3, then after 2 more then after each additional yellow).
  • Suspensions can span seasons.
  • Suspensions can be separate or combined (regular season and playoffs).
  • Teams can view their discipline/infraction history.


  • Team and player fines can be reviewed by team staff on the teams 'team page'.
  • Fine page shows current and history fines.
  • Staff can choose and pay fines via credit card from the Fine page.


SpAppz includes many built in communications features. Team Pages is the place where team players and team staff get all their information and can communicate with each other. Team staff can also add team events, team photos, team blog and send RSVP requests to team events or games from their schedule. There are also several admin. processes for emailing players and staff and many more process that email confirmations.

Team pages include:

  • Game schedule
  • Game specific online id cards
  • Game specific roster
  • Game specific call-up form
  • Game specific match report (game report by team staff)
  • Practice schedule
  • Other team events
  • Pool standings
  • Player stats
  • Team messaging and email
  • RSVP events and schedules
  • Team staff contact info
  • Team Roster
  • Team blog
  • Team photos
  • Links to other teams 'Team pages' (restricted view).

There is a 'team staff' view, 'team player' view and 'public' view. Depending on the view, certain features may or may not be available/visible.


With SpAppz we have many extra systems and web applications you can take advantage of. All of our systems are fully supported and we are always here to help with personnel transitions.

Here are some of the extras...

  • Form Tool (create your own events, socials, admin forms, work flow forms, fund raisers, clinics, etc.)
  • SpAppz Content Management System (CMS - Web site system)
  • Corporate Email (your domain email)
  • Classifieds (player looking for a team, team looking for players)
  • Calendar
  • Document Manager (with categories)
  • Multi-level Photo Gallery 
  • Banner Ads (tracking views and click throughs)
  • Link Manager (with categories)
  • News Manager
  • FAQ Manager (with categories)
  • more...