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Sports League or Club Registration or Management

Sports Registration and League/Club/Team Management
Everything a League needs to manage and communicate online

League Tools

League Tools.

SpAppz services leagues of all sizes including the very large.

League tools include:

  • Unlimited Divisions (Premier, div1, div2, div3, div4, u21, O35, O45, and rec divisions)
  • Unlimited Pools (4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 teams per pool)
  • Multiple seasons
  • Team registration / payment options (re-register or new registrations)
  • Player registration (confirm waiver, payment options, automatic team placement based on key)
  • Additional Team fees as needed through out the year
  • Online ID Cards (game specific and includes call-ups and shows suspended players/staff)
  • Scheduling League/cup/knockout games (automatic based on team schedule elements or imported)
  • Referee Assignment/acknowledgement (automatic based on availability/level/area/etc or manual)
  • Up to 5 referees per game
  • Call-up player processing (based on rules)
  • Game Reporting (team infractions, discipline, goals, forfeits, other)
  • Discipline, suspension and fine processing
  • Auto yellow card accumulation to suspension
  • Team Staff Match reports (optional for game quality assessments)
  • Team Pages (communications, msgs, email, rsvp, team events, team schedule, standings, goal leader board, current discipline, game reports)
  • Notifications (see details in following section below)

Email Notifications

System generated notifications.

From game report.
  • Confirmation copy to referee.
  • Game report sent to team staff including player discipline (various format options).
  • Yellow card accumulation to suspension notice sent to team staff and affected player.
  • Yellow card accumulation (over 3 suspensions for one player) notice sent to discipline committee.
  • Discipline report sent to discipline committee and ref coordinator (if reds and/or third yellow accumulation suspensions).

From Discipline App
  • Report of changes to discipline status, discipline duration, fine status and fine amount sent to affected player and team staff.

From Daily Notice System (daily or once a week notices)
  • Game reminders sent to Referees the day before their scheduled games (with game details).
  • Payment exceptions (incomplete registrations, credit card errors, other transaction issues) sent to Administrator/Registrar.
  • Fine payment reminders (once a week). Can be paid online via team pages. Sent to affected player and/or team staff).
  • Team fee payment reminders (once a week). Can be paid online via team pages. Sent to team staff.
  • Player registration payment reminders for those not paying by credit card (once per week). Can be paid online via team pages. Sent to affected player and summary version to team staff.
  • Game forfeit notice (daily) reminder to add team fine and review sent to administrator.
  • Send missing staff requirements notice (once per week). Can include missing id photo, missing birthdate, missing coach conduct agreement and missing criminal record check.

From Schedule App.
  • Schedule change report (date, time, location, status)  sent to both teams staff and players, referees and ref coordinator.

From Call-up Player App.
  • Notice sent to team staff of players called up by another (authorized) team for a specific game.

  • Notice of event or scheduled game and request for attendance (initiated by team staff) sent to team players/staff. Players asked to respond with accept, decline or maybe (with optional note).

Player Registration App.
  • Optional notice sent to team staff of player registration to their team.

Official Assignment App.
  • Requests sent to referee to accept or decline a game assignment

From referee game acceptance/acknowledgement
  • Scheduled game declined notice from referee sent to referee coordinator.