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Sports League or Club Registration or Management

Sports Registration and League/Club/Team Management
Everything a League needs to manage and communicate online

Seasonal Registration

  • Configured any way you need it.
  • User defined age groupings.
  • Registration fees by age group.
  • Optional tryouts by age group. (tryout option automatically disappears after the tryout date for that age group has expired).
  • Age group designation automatic based on birth date.
  • Confirmation / tax receipts displayed and emailed.
  • Multiple siblings under one login.
  • Credit card, cheque, financial assistance and user defined payment options.
  • Custom fields and fees (e.g. for uniform sizes, preferences, or to buy gear).
  • Optional fees and discounts (early bird discount, late fee, tryout fees, multi-child discounts, payment method discounts or surcharge and user defined fees and discounts).
  • Optional BCC email of registration confirmations by division or age group (to one or more).
  • Copy of email registration automatically goes to treasurer when a payment note is entered.
  • Wait list thresholds by age group.
  • Volunteer task options (choose one or more). Can adjust mid-season.
  • Volunteer buy-out (Not this year but will donate $x.xx instead).
  • Registrant can login/access their registration to complete or change the payment method (until status is paid).
  • Registrant can login/access/update their profiles any time.
  • Registrant can obtain tax receipt/confirmation for any year they have been with the club.
  • Several on/off options. (accept donations, school, area, sport background, friends, parent info, medical info, emergency contact info,