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SpAppz - Linking

SpAppz Links

SpAppz application links are links from your existing website or from our CMS (Content Management System - website system).

These links are integrated within our CMS but will be separate browser window if linked from your existing site. The separate browser window would have your logo/hdr bar at the top of the page.
http://{yourdomain}/adminYour main access to the back-end
http://{yourdomain}/logoff logoff link (put on website so admins and users can logoff when finished [system does time out after 20 mins])
http://{yourdomain}/homeYour home page
http://{yourdomain}/registerLink for users to register
http://{yourdomain}/player_maintlink for users to update their profile
http://{yourdomain}/contactspage where users can your club contact info and form
http://{yourdomain}/tournamentlink to tournament (requires tournament id)
http://{yourdomain}/eventevent registration or data form (requires event id)
http://{yourdomain}/eventsall open events on one categorized page (event categories must be setup first)
http://{yourdomain}/coach_applink to coach application (team staff can fill this in to create a coach/assistant coach/manager record)
http://{yourdomain}/official_appofficial application form (officials can fill this in to create a system official record)
http://{yourdomain}/field_statusField Status page (name, status, map, type, city
http://{yourdomain}/ref_schedule_maintReferee Schedule page (will need to login)
http://{yourdomain}/scheduleGame Schedules page
http://{yourdomain}/standingsTeam Standings page
http://{yourdomain}/team_page?id={team_ref_no}Team Page for specific team
http://{yourdomain}/team_pagesTeam Pages
Note: if you do not host your website with us, your domain will be {yourappid}.techsys.tv