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Sports League or Club Registration or Management

Sports Registration and League/Club/Team Management
Everything a League needs to manage and communicate online
Seasonal Registration

Seasonal Registration

The heart of the system!

After player registration, teams can be created, players and coaches can be assigned to teams, then team pages, RSVP's, scheduling, standings, discipline, callups and stats are all possible.  
Seasonal Registration
  • Configure unlimited youth and adult divisions
  • Configure youth age grouping (single or multiple years).
  • Age groups start/end date option (great for little league).
  • Players are automatically assigned based on their birth date.
  • Fees defined by division/age group.
  • Many optional discounts and fees.
  • Custom fields and fees can be included by division/age group.
  • Volunteer tasks and buy-out option
  • Multiple payment options
  • Credit card payments go to your bank account (not ours)
  • Emailed confirmation and re-prints for all years
Many other features like wait lists and multi-child discounts plus other triggered fees/discounts also included.

Registration sections for parents, medical info, emergency contact info can be turned on or off as needed. If the player is under the age of majority then parent info is required.

Optional ePact integration (single sourced emergency and medical database).