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Vancouver Island Soccer League

To Whom It May Concern: League Management Website Systems.

I have been involved with Randy Wrixon and SpAppz for the better part of a year formally. (1.5 years since original contact) It has been a great year!

Our soccer league was looking for a different company to work with after our prior company, that had been servicing us for years, was purchase by another company. Our group went through a long process of trying to find the best fit for our amateur soccer league. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind the committee chose well, and that the SpAppz system has exceeded our support and development expectations.

With SpAppz, first and foremost, the customer service has been the best I have ever dealt with… in any style of company. Be it development, ongoing day today operations for some of us who do not have all the webmaster skills or ways to enhance experiences for all – the service provided by Randy has been perfect! It did/does help that Randy has a sporting background and experience in handling different types of sports. He was able to answer or get answers to questions in a very timely manner.

SpAppz has been open to suggestions that are somewhat custom, but can better serve the sporting community… so having those new initiatives implemented has been a bonus. It was great to have discussion with a company that was willing to listen – and use some suggestions to create a better experience and product for us individually.

I have absolutely every bit of confidence that the same can happen for other groups that are looking for a League Management system. I feel the personal touch and availability, along with the product, has been full value to us.

I would highly recommend that you give Randy, his team, and SpAppz an opportunity to be your provider.

I would have no problem discussing further if anybody had a question or wanted to check my testimonial.

Thanks Randy and SpAppz, I look forward to many more years together!

Vince Greco
VISL Executive Director www.visl.org


Mission Soccer Association

We have started our second season with SpAppz and we have never looked back.  It has saved countless hours on all of our volunteers and we continue to find efficiencies in the system with Randy’s help.  There is truly no way to explain the level of customer service we have received from Randy. 

There is no other company out there that comes close to competing with their service.  Randy is extremely patient and thorough with instructions, guidance and understanding of our questions.  He walked us through every step in the initial setup and transfer to their system and continues to guide us to make our volunteers jobs even easier.  Bill is a huge help with adjustments to any of the background issues we faced. 

The response time to inquiries is amazing!  You really have to use the system to fully understand how useful and easy it really is.  We HIGHLY recommend them to any sports organization!

Colin Halldorson
Vice President
Mission Soccer Club


Abbotsford Soccer Association

We are heading into our second season with SPAPPZ and we couldn't be happier. The system is easy to use, flexible, adaptable and the service is great. Randy patiently walked us through our initial registrations and was quick to respond to our queries, usually within an hour! That's great service! He continues to be available as we update and change our programs. Our members are happy with user friendly registration system and we love the in-depth reports and quick access to other information. We would recommend this system to anyone!

Dan Village
General Manager
Abbotsford Soccer Association


Mill Woods Soccer Association

Mill Woods Soccer Association has used TechSys for our registration and club management services and absolutely LOVE the program!

I would highly recommend it to anyone who asks. I have also been extremely impressed with level of support we've received.

We have been able to provide our members with a very professional product for a reasonable price.

Great product!

Angie Sych
Executive Director & Registrar


New Westminster Minor Softball

As past president of New West Minor Softball and website Coordinator for many years, I have been more than happy with SpAppz online registration, club management service and web hosting through Techsys.

Any issues are dealt with promptly and I feel that we great value our money. 

Frank Wilson

New Westminster Minor Softball


EPIC Sport Management Society

EPIC has been partnered with Techsys since we began and we have been extremely impressed with the ability of Techsys to provide a solution for all our needs, large or small.

Their personal customer service is immediate and thorough. They have allowed us to provide our members with a very professional product for a reasonable price. 

Corey Volk

EPIC Sport


Victoria Highlanders Football Club

It has been wonderful working with Randy throughout this entire process. We are nearly at the end of the first year and he has been able to develop many of our templates that we will use as we move forward. When I have had questions, he has been quick to respond.

When we have had to make changes, he has been more than willing to help. 

We have been able to be much more productive this year because we have centralized all of our registrations and family information.

Neil Sedgwick

Director of Youth Development
Victoria Highlanders FC

West Vancouver Field Hockey Club

We switched from a manual registration process to the Techsys SpAppz system in 2003 and have never looked back.

This system has everything we need for club administrators, age-level coordinators, and clinic coordinators. We can easily handle all our communications to any group - teams, coaches, junior coaches, managers etc. Plus it has improved our payment handling and saved us time and money.

Also, as we have both adult and junior divisions, the system has been invaluable in helping us manage different leagues, keep in touch with everyone and build our club. I recommend SpAppz to any sports organization.

Pat Macleod

Co-Chair Junior Division
West Van Field Hockey Club

Vancouver Athletic Football Club

We recently switched to SpAppz after considering several different on-line registration systems. Randy's support through all of this has been excellent - from taking me through the system while we were looking at different options, to patiently answering all the questions we've had as we've implemented and started using the software.

We are very pleased and I know we made the right decision.

Kimberlyn McGrail

Vancouver Athletic Football Club

TSS Soccer Academy

After suffering numerous difficulties with our online registration system, we decided to switch over to the Techsys SpAppz system in 2009. As a soccer academy, we have different requirements than regular sports clubs but this system was able to accommodate all of them.
I have worked in the software industry for quite a few years so I had strict requirements on what would be acceptable. I was amazed at all the angles this system covers. It seemed that every time I mentioned something on my wish list, it was already implemented.

It's also very simple to use which is something often overlooked with software applications. Software has a tendency of falling into two camps: lots of features but too difficult to use or not enough features but easy to use. The Techsys SpAppz system has struck the perfect balance between these two extremes.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who asks. I have also been extremely impressed with level of support we've received. Great product!

Brendan Quarry

Director of Communications
TSS Soccer Academy

Howe Sound Minor Ball Association

When our organization was looking for an on-line registration solution, SpAppz was the product that had what we were looking for. It was important for us to have a front end interface that was easy for parents to use for registering players and a backend that we could administer just as easily. The registration form that was customized for our league is very straightforward for users and the system gives our executives the ability to get up to the minute totals of our enrollments. Our directors are able to organize player into teams and have coaches communicate with their players effectively.

During the initial setup Techsys worked with us to make sure the process went smoothly. If we needed any special requests they were able to fulfill them with very little notice. Once the system was live we have not looked back. Our registration numbers are up and the time we use to spend manually administering registration can now be use more efficiently. We would highly recommend Techsys and their SpAppz system.

Brad Larson

Howe Sound Minor Ball Association.
Squamish BC

West Vancouver Soccer Club

In 2005, the WVSC switched from a manual registration system to the Techsys SpAppz system. We are still thrilled with the system!
The biggest "plus" is the ease with which we can collect payment. No more NSF cheques or running to the bank with huge deposits. All registration records are stored on the server, so no mountains of paper registration forms to store.

Players, coaches, volunteers can access the information they require with ease but always in accordance with Privacy Policies.

Communication between the Club and its coaches and players is facilitated through the system's email facility. Also making everyone's life a little easier.

Julie Walker

Registrar / 4 District Rep.
West Vancouver Soccer Club