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  Team Page

Team Page Details

The team page is where teams go to see their team contacts, their schedules, their standings (for their pool), team details, team gallery, social media links and team blog. A team roster can also be accessed/printed from here if the team staff is logged in.

Using they team hyper-links, they can visit other team pages to check out how other teams are doing.

In this case, players and staff must be logged in to view team contact information or to produce a team roster.

Team page Details...


The team page includes 4 different views/access. Public, team staff, players and Admins. Different sections can be turned off/on and others are automatic if associated system is being used.

For team staff and Admins, there is a pencil present allowing for more options and functionality.

This page is mobile responsive so will show nicely on a mobile phone (3 columns turn into 1 column),

  1. By clicking on the pencil, the user will go to the team admin page where there are several other functions including bulk email.
  2. This section shows the club logo/crest (shows up multiple places).
  3. Shows links to the teams social media if used.
  4. Payment history and outstanding payment tools for unpaid players, additional team fees or team/player fines (if used).
  5. Public notices blog (this shows for everyone).
  6. Schedule and game specific tools. Includes:
    • export to excel or html
    • link to full schedule (all divisions/pools)
    • link to game report (if game report has been completed)
    • link to roster for chosen game (shows active discipline and callups)
    • link to Virtual ID cards for chosen game (shows active discipline and callups)
    • link to call-up page (only for future games)
    • link to Match report (only for completed games). This is done be each team for game/referee quality reporting.
    • link to Covid report/export (list of players/contact info if needed by home team)
    • link to RSVP page (where team staff can request attendance to a specific game - yes/no/maybe
  7. Team photo
  8. Team photo gallery (mini-slider displaying multiple team photos added by team staff)
  9. Team notices blog (not visible to public)
  10. League standings (shows current standings of this team's division/pool). There are different methods for calculating ties.
  11. List of Goal scores for Cup games. Top scorer(s) pictures are displayed, the the rest of the team scorers. There is a link for division cup top scorers.
  12. Display of rosters and staff. There are multiple display options if you don't want to display players publicly or to other teams. Also from here, you can message all or specific players/staff. Team staff can also click the wrench icon to access player contact info to make contact changes.
  13. List of Goal scores for League games. Top scorer(s) pictures are displayed, the the rest of the team scorers. There is a link for division top scorers.
  14. Team calendar. 
    • show existing games in calendar format
    • team staff can create their own team events (practices/socials/etc).
    • allow team staff to send or review sent RSVPs to games/events
    • rsvp's include change history.
  15. If shutout stats are kept, the shutouts stats show here. There is also a link to see division shutout stats.
  16. Player discipline shows here (how many reds, yellows and yellow accumulations). If team staff clicks on the player name, more discipline details are displayed.